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Friday, May 06, 2005

we went to the movies this afternoon

and we saw Crash, strictly because the BSU knew Sandra Bullock was in the film and she likes Sandra. And we went early- at 4:15 because we could and because its always much less crowded and noisy.

Except today. There were 8 people in the theater. Two of them sitting just 3 rows behind us talked constantly through the entire movie! They ignored a couple shushes from both the BSU and another viewer and carried on as if they were getting paid to critique as the film played out.

After the moview ended, I spoke to both of them and suggested that the next time they wanted out of the house for a two hour talking jag date that maybe Starbucks would be more appropriate. The man had the nerve to suggest that they were unaware of their causing any disturbance and the woman simply offered that I must not attend too many movies with crowds or children. And I told her no, I came to the early show to avoid those crowds and noisy children! She was totally unapologetic, saw it as her right to yack away disrupting anyone else's space as she felt.

The movie is very good. Suspenseful and dark and intriquing. I really liked it and the BSU did too. I recommend it but won't spoil it. So go see it for yourself!

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